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Shop over 100 original sexy swimwear styles in numerous variations, options, sizes and...yes, that includes free split sizing!

This year is our 30th anniversary of rocking the bikini scene and we're bringing back some of the ground-breaking designs that changed swimwear fashion forever. Often copied (and never very well), these designs changed the worldview of the power of "sexy" and redifined the humble bikini in ways that have caused a stir ever since! If you weren't around when Colleen hit the stage to roaring crowds of drooling Floridian beach-boys, you should have been...though now's your chance to get those crowds roaring again...for you! We sorta think babes like you are on a mission to carry the torch and show the world what "sexy" means in 2024!
Just remember...however you decide to express yourself, be bold, confident, and celebrate your beauty in the world’s elite name in hand-crafted, custom-designed swimwear...Colleen Kelly Designs!

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