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This year we journeyed deep into the heart of beautiful Florida and those untouched places that paint a world of natural power, vibrant color, and abundant life...the aquatic world of Florida's Nature Coast! From sailing off the coast of Tampa, on the heels of a hurricane, to delving the depths of the Gulf Coast swampland in search of impossibly colorful natural springs, we bring you a vibrant, fun new collection! Inspired by this special place, the natural world, that good old fashioned Floridian love of life, and following in the swimwear design traditions of almost three decades, we bring you the Colleen Kelly Designs 2023 Collection! Presenting beautiful designs, sexy cuts, sparkling fabrics, vibrant colors, and sexy themes, this collection is sure to make 2023 beautiful!
Just remember...however you decide to express yourself, be bold, confident, and celebrate your beauty in the world’s elite name in hand-crafted, custom-designed swimwear...Colleen Kelly Designs!

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