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Shop over 100 sexy swimwear styles in numerous variations, options, sizes and...yes, that includes free split sizing! This year we journeyed out to the great American desert, a timeless place of beauty, history, and culture that inspires the soul and overwhelmes the senses! From sculpted rock formations of the ancient Colorado River to the high country of Arizona and down to the artist colony of Sedona, we travelled hundreds of miles through the classic American West to bring you this collection. Inspired by the many beautiful cultures of the American family and following in the swimwear design traditions of almost three decades, we bring you the Colleen Kelly Designs 2022 Collection! Presenting beautiful designs, sexy cuts, comfy fabrics, luxurious textures, and sexy sheers this collection is sure to make 2022 soar! Just remember...however you decide to express yourself, be bold, confident, and celebrate your beauty in the world’s elite name in hand-crafted, custom-designed swimwear...Colleen Kelly Designs!

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