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Customer Support / F.A.Q.



How long will my order take?

Due to the custom nature, large choice variety and high demand of our swimwear, regular catalog items are usually made as they come in, which takes about 1-2 weeks, and are then shipped via USPS in the continental U.S and overseas. Customers can request faster shipment, (for faster delivery once orders are complete) by using the "Notes" section at the end of the order form (we will advise you of the extra charges and availability). Need suits ASAP? If you need swimsuits or other items sooner than 2 weeks, please see below (or check out the Grab-bag sale list, where the suits are already made, ready to ship, and offered at discount prices! Also, see below).


How are orders shipped?

We ship USPS Priority for deliveries in the United States and U.S. Territories. We will need the recipient’s signature at the time of delivery. Orders outside of the U.S. are shipped USPS Global Express. We reserve the right to use substitute carriers for these destinations, depending on availability of services. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for delays resulting from your country's customs inspections. We are also not responsible for import taxes, duties or other collections. (*We use USPS Global Express for overseas shipping which is fast, reliable, insured, and trackable to prevent loss or theft. If you prefer another method of overseas shipment, please pay with money order and we will ship your requested way. Contact us to arrange this form of payment.)

NOTE: Please allow extra time for large orders and holidays.
NOTE: We are not responsible for another country’s tax, duty or other import fees.

Where are Colleen Kelly Designs products made?

All of our designs (from swimwear, to couture pieces, to jewelry etc.) are creatively hand-designed from scratch, then fully produced from start to finish, proudly in the United States of America. We've been Made in America for almost 3 decades. All of our products are shipped from the U.S.A to our loyal customers worldwide.  Made in USA

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by clicking the Contact Us link (envelope icon) to the right of the page or the Contact Us by E-Mail link at the top of the page. You can also just click here to drop us a note.

Our contact information is:

NOTE: Please don’t send a blank email.

*We may contact you if the billing and shipping information on your order do not match up.



What if I need swimsuits sooner than two weeks?

In the "comments " section of the online order form type in the latest date of delivery possible and we will let you know the options (the more time you give us, the better the chance we can do it). We also offer the grab-bag option (very popular) which are already made, discounted, and ready to ship. Click here to email us and request a grab bag list.


Do the metal parts/embellishments rust or tarnish, are they waterproof, how do I wash them?

The metal parts and embellishments sometimes do change color over a period of time when exposed to lots of water. We recommend avoiding prolonged use in water, drying of the embellishments upon removal from water, and definitely no "soaking" in water. For cleaning, all suits are to be hand washed in cold water with mild soap, and immediately layed out to air dry. In general, avoid a lot of water on any of the emebellishments.


What is the Grab Bag?

The Grab-bag specials are listed on an email list that we send you upon request. They are low priced, ready to ship, one-of-a-kind suits and swimwear prototypes made from promotional fabrics. It’s really popular with models and photographers who need lots of different suits right away, but it’s enjoyed by everyone, especially due to the low prices (as low as $29+ per suit, depending on how many you buy) and “no wait” availability. Ordering instructions and prices are included in the e-mail list, along with a link to our secure ordering page. Click here to email to us and request a grab bag list. Or send a “Request for the Grab Bag Sale List” to

You can also click on the link Current List under the Grab Bag tab at the top of the page.


Do you make "custom" swimwear?

We only make the swimsuit styles found in the online catalog. Sometimes customers can have a fabric substitution, just type in your request for a different fabric (give the name or number of the new fabric) in the "comments " section at the end of the order form, and we will e-mail the options and charges.


What size do I wear?

Please note that our sizes tend to run "smaller" than “mainstream” swimwear due to our niche demographic of fitness inspired women, and that we usually put smalls in the photographs for maximum impact. For our size guide, we use measurements - height and weight, chest/waist/hips and cup size, all in inches and lbs- because sizing can be subjective (for example a size "5" from one manufacturer differs from another makers size "5"). Aside from review of our size chart, you can also e-mail us or use the "Notes" section at the end of the order form to submit these measurements and we'll help suggest the best size to fit you. Click here for specifics about sizing.


What are the different backstyles: Brazil, Thong, String, Scrunch, Halfback, Hot Shorts?

A Brazil back is more "conservative" and covers the behind, more like a traditional suit, though with a slimmer cut. The thong is a piece of fabric shaped like a thick letter T in the back (not used for coverage). The string, the skimpiest of all our back styles, is made of the same straps found on the suit style, forming a skinny letter "Y". Shorts back also referred to as “Boy Shorts” or “Hot Shorts” look like shorts that are cut a bit higher and a bit more revealing. The Scrunch back is like a brazil back that is gathered down the center, forming a “pucker” effect, and a Halfback is a sexier version of the Brazil back. Click here for specifics about our backstyles.


What swimwear "sponsorships" or "promotions" do you offer?

We have no promotions or sponsorships offering to give away or loan swimwear. We do, however, offer swimwear at discount prices in our Grab Bag, where we offer myriad styles made of different fabrics...lots of one-of-a-kinds, already made and waiting to ship out to you. (very popular with models and photographers-see above description). Click here to email us and request a grab bag list.


Do you take model submissions?

We will post any model searches via Facebook and Twitter. Prospective Models are welcome and encouraged to send their pics to our fan page, if wearing our swimwear in the photo, so we can share and promote you wearing our suits (or for photographers, so we can promote you shooting our suits).

We love to see photos using our designs! So make sure to follow us on our social media sites and don't hesitate to reach out and tag us on those beatiful images you've taken in our designs!


Do you offer "wholesale" swimwear?

We offer wholesale accounts on an individual basis. E-mail us with your request to become a retailer of ours and make sure to include ALL of the specifics about your store.


Do you still make discontinued styles?

E-mail us with the style of the suit you'd like, the more info the better (style number, name, color, size, backstyle etc)... We may be able to make it for you. There may be a customization charge for doing this.


Can I return my order?


Here is our full exchange only policy:

Orders may be exchanged if reported upon receipt, for authorization, and shipped back within 7 days of receipt - IN ORIGINAL CONDITION, WITH ORIGINAL TAGS. (Altered, soiled or damaged goods are unavailable for exchange-PLEASE wear a liner when trying on order and be free of "perfume" and in a smoke free environment) We are unable to accept suits that have odors such as body lotion, sprays or perfumes or ambient smells like smoke, pets etc.


To exchange an order (within 7 days of receipt only), e-mail your request to for authorization (we need name on order, date of order, item number(s), date received and reason for exchange as well as item/s for exchange including style number/s, name of style, color, size, backstyle). Once exchange is verified, the authorization code and receiving address will be emailed to you. Please note, our receiving address may be different from the address on invoice. Insurance and tracking are recommended for exchanges. Please note: We are unable to accept packages without the authorization code.


Customer is charged for reshipment of exchange and 10% restocking fee.


Please allow 2-4 weeks for reshipment of exchanged goods.


Orders CANCELLED after processing are subject to 10% "cancellation fee".


Orders CANCELLED after being made are subject to a 20% "cancellation and restock fee".


Question Not Here? Feel free to e-mail us with additional questions you might have. Thanks!