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Swimsuit Sizing


Swimwear Sizing

We are a niche company designing our sexy swimwear with fitness inspired women in mind - therefore our suits run smaller than those of mainstream companies who design for all women of all sizes… We have no “Large bathing suits” per se. The size chart below is an approximation and since, for instance, a size 5 varies from one company to another, we prefer to use accurate measurements. For reference, we usually use size "small" in the photos. You can also e-mail, or type in the "comments section" of your order, your height/weight and chest/waist/*hips measurements in inches and lbs. We will then be able to help suggest the best size and fit for the suits you ordered. Split sizes, found in the drop down menu for choosing size, lists the top size first/then bottom size (IE: S/M would be a small top paired with medium bottoms).


*To measure your hips, use a cloth tape measure around the widest part of the derrier. Hold the tape as loosely or tightly as you would want a suit to fit there. In the case of one pieces, we can add a third size (S,M,L) for torso length, separate from your top and bottom sizes. (For example: large top, large bottom, small torso length). We can sometimes make XL and XS sizes which may carry a custom charge. If you don't seem to be able to find your size or have questions, feel free to e-mail us at


**For correct swimwear sizing and the best fit, don't get hung up on the size not being what you'd wear in sportswear. Our sizes are specific to our line and label. Measure accurately and your bikini will fit amazingly!

Colleen Kelly Designs Size Chart

  • Cup Size "A" to Small "B"
  • Chest 32-34 in. (81-86 cm.)
  • Hip 32-34 in. (81-86 cm.) *At widest
  • Approx. Weight 105-120 lbs. & under
    (47-54 kg. & under)
  • Height 5'2"-5'4" (157-163 cm.)
    *Most important for 1-Piece Suits
  • Cup Size "B" to Small "C"
  • Chest 34-36 in. (86-91 cm.)
  • Hip 34-36 in. (86-91 cm.) *At widest
  • Approx. Weight 120-130 lbs.
    (54-59 kg.)
  • Height 5'5"-5'6" (164-168 cm.)
    *Most important for 1-Piece Suits
  • Cup Size Full "C" to "D"
  • Chest 36-38 in. (91-97 cm.)
  • Hip 36-38 in. (91-97 cm.) *At widest
  • Approx. Weight 130-145 lbs.
    (59-65 kg.)
  • Height 5'7"-5'8" (170-173 cm.)
    *Most important for 1-Piece Suits
  • *Match your cup size. / TOP
  • *Match your chest. / TOP
  • *Match your hips. / BOTTOM
  • *Match your weight. / BOTTOM
    *Less important than Hips
  • *Match your height. / BOTTOM
    *Most important for 1-Piece Suits

Remember: Getting an accurate measurement will result in a bikini that fits beautifully and makes you look your best!
Pulling the tape too tightly or taking a measurement from your jeans, instead of measuring yourself correctly, could lead to a less than perfect fit.
We want you to be happy, sexy, and beautiful in your new swimwear...So measure like you mean it!

If you are taller than 5'8" (173 cm.), customization may be required with one-piece swimsuits. Please contact us for help in fitting your suit.