Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - Matching Hot Shorts

Matching Hot Shorts

Collection: Matching Accessories
Style Number: 1938

A sporty way to cover up on the way to the beach!  These sexy boy shorts come in swimwear fabric specifically styled to match your swimsuit.  Keeping things "sexy," these hot shorts ride low on the hips and back, covering most but not all of the back. 

We also offer these in plain white or black.  See our Accessories collection.

$ 45

*Select "Matching Hot Shorts" in the "Extras" options for the item you'd like to match.

Cover-ups in matching colors for specific swimsuits are available only when purchasing a swimsuit.

For those suits that do not offer matching hot shorts or if you are purchasing hot shorts individually, we recommend the available color options in our "Accessories" collection.


*If, for some reason, you want hot shorts in a different size from that of the swimsuit you are matching it to, please include a note at checkout to let us know what size you'd like.