Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - Dress Tapes to Go

Dress Tapes to Go

Collection: Accessories
Style Number: 108

Enclosed in a convenient aluminum travel case, 12 pairs of pre-cut self-adhesive garment tape are at the ready when you need a little extra help keeping that sexy suit perfectly placed. Absolutely essential for photo-shoots and a handy item in your purse or beach bag, these hypo-allergenic, self-adhesive, body tape strips are a great way to end unwanted "wardrobe malfunctions" for good. Simply place a strip on your suit and press it to your body to ensure your clothing stays in place. It's easy to apply, transparent and non-toxic. We recommend this as a piece of essential kit for all our customers in the modeling or photography industry and for many of our sexiest swimwear designs. *When the strips run out, a great way to refill the case is by purchasing our 5.5 yard tape dispenser (Item #106) and cutting new strips for future use.



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