Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - Patent Teardrop Micro Slingshot

Patent Teardrop Micro Slingshot

Collection: Classic Sexiest Swimwear
Style Number: 1425

A sexy swimwear classic!  Colleen's original teardrop design changed the bikini world forever and, paired with a slingshot style that leaves your hips bare, this one's a must have for anyone shooting for the top!  Shiny "patent leather" lycra blends give the suit a polished black-out or white-out look.  If you're looking for a little color, this swimsuit also comes in shiny metallic foils that catch the light.  Matching bead accents on both the top and bottoms add a little extra something to give you a slightly styled look.  Spaghetti straps rise in a high-waisted style to meet with the top patches, giving you a flirty bare hip and back appearance.  The straps tie once behind the neck for an adjustable fit.  If you want a little color around back, this one's also available in a thong back, or go all the way in minimalist style with a spaghetti string back.


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