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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Style #1917 Image of Nautical Halter Bikini

Nautical Halter Bikini

Style Number: 1917

Ships may pass in the night, but this beautifully designed bikini will have them turning around and coming back!  Comfortable and sporty, this alluring two-piece is embellished with nautical chain-and-button accents up top and at the front of the hips.  A classic "admiralty" anchor patch accents the center of the bottoms.  And let's not forget that this design is made for a great fit, with a gathering and more supportive top.  A flirty, revealing cut top and low cut bottoms make this a sexy take on traditional swimwear design.  The top straps criss-cross over your back and tie once for adjusting.  *THIS SUIT HAS METAL ELEMENTS THAT MAY TARNISH WITH PROLONGED USE IN WATER, SO DUE CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN.  WE RECOMMEND DRYING WHEN WET AND NO "SOAKING" OF THE SUIT IN WATER.


This product is no longer available for purchase.
*We may be able to custom make this suit in similar materials. Please contact us HERE.

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