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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Style #2201 Image of Fringe Knit Wrap-Kini

Fringe Knit Wrap-Kini

Style Number: 2201

Stunning! A unique fusion of the classic "beach wrap" and the sexy bikini, this two-piece design hugs your body beautifully while sublimely hinting at what's underneath. Made of lightweight striped knit swimwear fabric, the top is an open-center bandeau design that gracefully drapes down around your sides, ending in rough-cut fringe that gives you a sense of lively movement with every step. The bottoms are made of a luxurious stretch faux suede in a sexy high-cut Quarterback, our new back style for 2016. Adorned with raw wooden beads the top straps tie behind the neck, allowing for adjustment of the fit and the center cut-out. *The lightweight knit fabric used on the top may be considered "semi-sheer" up close and, due to design requirements, it is unavailable for lining. We recommend the use of Breast Petals from our Accessories collection for customers needing additional coverage.


This product is no longer available for purchase.
*We may be able to custom make this suit in similar materials. Please contact us HERE.

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