Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - Lace Concho Halter Shorts 2-Piece

Lace Concho Halter Shorts 2-Piece

Collection: Classic Sexier Swimwear
Style Number: 2213

Daringly sexy! This gorgeous Boho-inspired design is all about the allure of semi-sheer floral lace. The top is a fantastic halter-like design in 2-tone scalloped-edge stretch lace that passes through antiqued floral conchos and wraps in a continuous loop around the neck. A gathered front adds a little frilly texture where it meets the adjustable back strap. The lace shorts back on this suit is simply amazing and unquestionably sexy. A wide band of lace forms the back and wraps around your hips to meet the matching front panel, giving you a dramatically semi sheer look from behind and a classic bikini look in front. *Due to the requirements of this unique design, we are unable to offer lining for the top. We recommend the use of one of the various styles of Breast Petal we offer in our Accessories Collection for those of our customers needing more coverage.


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