Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - Boho Strappy Coin Toe Sandals

Boho Strappy Coin Toe Sandals

Collection: Jewelry
Style Number: 2236

Sexy, barefoot style! Worn one of four ways, these pretty little toe sandals add a little Boho beach style when shoes just won't do. Designed to be worn over the toe and to leave the soles of your feet bare, these toe sandals give you the styled look of strappy footwear with the freedom of bare feet. They are made of the same metal embellishments used in our popular Silver Coin-Kini (Item #2220) and can be worn in four different ways: with or without the coin accents, wrapping up the leg or bunched at the ankle, or a combination of both. Further perfect your look by adding a Boho Coin Bracelet and Earrings Set (Item #2235).



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