Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - Old School Logo Chopper 1-Piece

Old School Logo Chopper 1-Piece

Collection: Custom Couture
Style Number: 253

Rev it up!!! This hot lil' custom was hand-cut from an original, road-worn, classic bar & shield Harley tee in black and orange. Perfectly styled with a rough cut plunging neckline, wide-cut belting, and a vintage chrome "chopper" buckle, you'll have the whole gang following in your wake! Around back, a cheeky quarterback shows off your deadly curves like only a Colleen Kelly design can!
Pair this suit with a Biker Jewelry Set to add just the perfect touch!
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Each one of these custom couture designs is unique and considered as a piece of artwork created by designer Colleen Kelly. The vintage materials and artistic elements that go into creating these one-of-a-kind "swimsuits" were assembled from original collector, art, and memorabilia sources around the globe. Colleen’s 25+ years of swimwear design experience, along with her seasoned talent in styling for the fashion industry, went into each piece. You will find a perfect blending of the vintage logos, embellishments, and graphics of the subject pop culture icons, bands, or artists featured in the design with the sexy, streamlined fitting requirements of the woman’s body. They aren’t "cheap" but they are more than worth the premium price for celebrities, artists, photographers, and customers that need a custom "styled" look to maintain their image.

Some of these items are rare and irreplaceable, which precludes them from being recreated in most cases, as only original items were used. The inherent value, and sometimes fragile nature, of these collector items makes it very difficult to manufacture more than one piece and prohibits us from offering returns, exchanges & etcetera, so all sales are final.

  If the materials ARE available right now to make another size than the original in the description, it will be noted above. Please select your size below or submit your measurements at the time of purchase. Refer to our Size Chart for proper sizing or the measurements needed. You may also Contact Us for help with getting custom sizing.



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