Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - "Hotcakes" Jeans Bottoms

"Hotcakes" Jeans Bottoms

Collection: Classic Sexier Swimwear
Style Number: 2530

Eureka!!! These are the hottest thing to happen to denim since the Gold Rush!
Scoop cut, hand made, and expertly crafted to make this classic fit like a glove, these sexy jeans shorts bottoms show off the cheekier side of a trusted American classic! Released in our Past Favorites Collection, as part of the Bottlecap Jeans Bikini (also shown) and in this year's New Collection for 2019 as the Hotcakes 2-Piece Bikini, this is a re-cut of Colleen's original jeans bottoms design that "tore up" the Florida bikini circuit back in the 90s, a design that so many of you have been asking us to bring back as an accessory. Well, we listened and are making these sexy jeans shorts bottoms available right here! Wear these with any of our tops, your tops or, for you free-spirited gypsies, nothing at all! These are made from real, worn-in vintage jeans, expertly tailored to fit just right up front, and scooped perfectly around back for a sexy, "cheeky" fit that just can't be beat!

*NOTE: Since these are made from worn-in and re-purposed jeans, there may be slight differences in each pair.



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