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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Style #2709 Image of Shaggy Agate Shrug-Kini

Shaggy Agate Shrug-Kini

Style Number: 2709

"Hello, I love you!" We break on through to the other side of the doors of perception with this groovy, long sleeve, 3-piece shrug bikini set. With rhythmic detailing throughout, the sleeves and hip shorts are trimmed with dangling shag and the bikini bottoms, with long fringe ties, have dusky jewels we call agates. A flirty top, with delightfully skimpy underboob, will have them all wanting to know your name!
Perfect for a barefoot walk down to the Roadhouse or lighting his fire on a moonlight drive down Dawn's highway, this extraordinary blend of nostalgic undertones will have you loving it madly and needing it badly!
Note: The agates may vary in color from the images.


This product is no longer available for purchase.
*We may be able to custom make this suit in similar materials. Please contact us HERE.

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