Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - 4 Grab Bag Sale Swimsuits (4-6 Suits)

4 Grab Bag Sale Swimsuits (4-6 Suits)

Collection: The Grab Bag Sale
Style Number: 4

Four Grab Bag Sale Swimsuits for $120

Wow, that's only $30 each!


ADD UP TO 2 MORE SUITS FOR $30 EACH!  Select "Add One More Suit" or "Add Two More Suits" in the "Extras" options to get the same quantity pricing!


*Please enter the descriptions of the items from the current Grab Bag List in the "Notes" field at checkout.  Don't forget to include a few alternate selections in case some of your selections have been purchased already and are no longer available.


**The Grab Bag Sale is handled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Items are removed from the list only after payment is received, so make sure to complete the checkout process to ensure that you "grab" that suit before the next customer comes along.


***We do not hold suits on request.



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