Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - The Original Teardrop Microkini Two-Piece

The Original Teardrop Microkini Two-Piece

Collection: Classic Sexiest Swimwear
Style Number: 634

Wow!  There it is, the Colleen Kelly original design that changed the swimwear world forever...the first teardrop!  Available in shiny foil fabrics with metallic spaghetti straps and sparkling bead accents, this white-hot microkini is handmade in our classic cut for a smooth geometric look that never fails to turn heads.  Being our most popular style of all time, this sexy swimsuit has appeared all over the world across print and screen since it was introduced, inspiring other manufacturers to copy it endlessly.  We continue to offer the authentic original, unchanged and in these original colors, for those of you who simply will not settle for second best!  The top ties behind the neck and in back for an adjustable fit.
*NOTE: We are out of the "Turquoise Foil" fabric option shown on the model; however, we are now offering this style in "Turquoise Lamé," which is very similar.


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