Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear - Mountain Dew Bottlecap T-Skirt

Mountain Dew Bottlecap T-Skirt

Collection: Vintage T-Skirts
Style Number: 7021

Yee-Haw! Mountain Dew'll do it for yew!
This hot little vintage T-skirt was rough cut from a vintage Mountain Dew Tee and paired with one of our famous bottlecap tops, fashioned from collectible pop caps into a sexy bikini top. Around the waist is a vintage saddle-stitched leather belt that meets up front with a collectible Mountain Dew Buckle. And, to finish off the look, the bottlecap earrings are included with the set.
You can't help but feel sexy in this thirst-quenching T-skirt set!
*This skirt is sized small, as shown on our model.

Each iconic, retro themed, "Vintage T-skirt" has hand-picked, hard-to-find, rare, vintage elements assembled together in a hand crafted, detail designed, couture-cut skirt. This means they are all different, depending on the vibe, inspired by all the legendary, pop culture greats... each like little mini works of art! Wear with a t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, bikini top...some have their own tops! Pair with booties, thigh highs, combat boots, cowboy boots, sandals or sneakers! Dress them up, dress the down, wear them anywhere, "Day to Night"... these are fabulous, killer, fashion pieces you will keep forever!

Some of these items are rare and irreplaceable, which precludes them from being recreated in most cases, as only original items were used. The inherent value, and sometimes fragile nature, of these collector items makes it very difficult to manufacture more than one piece and prohibits us from offering returns, exchanges & etcetera, so all sales are final.

  This particular suit has been sold; however, WE MAY BE ABLE TO MAKE A SIMILAR PIECE FOR YOU. Click on the "Custom Order Inquiry" button to be taken to our custom e-mail form. Please fill out the form and leave us a message letting us know you'd like to have a custom suit made for you. Don't forget to let us know which style number you're inquiring about. We will contact you with the details on availability and payment for this special service.


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