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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Jungle Magikini Quick View

Jungle Magikini

Swimwear Style #1428


Do you believe in magic?  Well we sure do and this ultra hot microkini proves it!  Colleen Kelly pushed the envelope of "revealingly sexy" to the outer limits with clear elastic spaghetti straps on our tiniest micro patch swimsuit design yet.  Styled in exotic, plush velvet jungle prints, the vibrant patches of this bikini are designed to set off against your skin tone while appearing as if they are floating in place by magic.  The back, composed entirely of clear elastic spaghetti straps gives you a bare appearance from behind.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Patent Teardrop Micro Slingshot Quick View

Patent Teardrop Micro Slingshot

Swimwear Style #1425


A sexy swimwear classic!  Colleen's original teardrop design changed the bikini world forever and, paired with a slingshot style that leaves your hips bare, this one's a must have for anyone shooting for the top!  Shiny "patent leather" lycra blends give the suit a polished black-out or white-out look.  If you're looking for a little color, this swimsuit also comes in shiny metallic foils that catch the light.  Matching bead accents on both the top and bottoms add a little extra something to give you a slightly styled look.  Spaghetti straps rise in a high-waisted style to meet with the top patches, giving you a flirty bare hip and back appearance.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Pleather Arrow Sling Microsling Quick View

Pleather Arrow Sling Microsling

Swimwear Style #1132


Jaw dropping!  This beautiful micro slingshot swimsuit comes in sexy "pleather" lycra blended fabric or shiny metallic foils with matching elastic spaghetti strapping that wraps around your body in this uniquely "Colleen Kelly" one piece design.  The top is shaped along the lines of a one-piece with a swooping low cut and then undercut into two super hot and revealing "arrow-shaped" patches that reach down to connect to the tiny microkini bottoms.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Foil Arrow-kini Patch Microkini Quick View

Foil Arrow-kini Patch Microkini

Swimwear Style #1128


Another ground breaking design that changed the swimwear world, this hot little 2-piece microkini is all about its unique shape and its sexy, bare-shoulder, bandeau look.  Styled in your choice of shiny metallic foil or pleather fabrics, arrow shaped top patches with flirty side cut-outs come together in the middle with elastic spaghetti strap for a streamlined geometric appearance.  The ultra hot bottoms are a classic Colleen Kelly Designs g-string cut with minimal coverage and a sexy spaghetti string back.
*NOTE: We are out of the "Turquoise Foil" fabric option shown on the model; however, we are now offering this style in "Turquoise Lamé," which is very similar.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: The Original Teardrop Microkini Two-Piece Quick View

The Original Teardrop Microkini Two-Piece

Swimwear Style #634


Wow!  There it is, the Colleen Kelly original design that changed the swimwear world forever...the first teardrop!  Available in shiny foil fabrics with metallic spaghetti straps and sparkling bead accents, this white-hot microkini is handmade in our classic cut for a smooth geometric look that never fails to turn heads.  Being our most popular style of all time, this sexy swimsuit has appeared all over the world across print and screen since it was introduced, inspiring other manufacturers to copy it endlessly.  We continue to offer the authentic original, unchanged and in these original colors, for those of you who simply will not settle for second best!
*NOTE: We are out of the "Turquoise Foil" fabric option shown on the model; however, we are now offering this style in "Turquoise Lamé," which is very similar.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: The Standard Microkini Quick View

The Standard Microkini

Swimwear Style #511


The Microkini Top Standard is a beautifully designed bikini top, in a slimmer cut, that lets you show off a little more of beautiful you! The lines are inspired by many of our most popular "Sexier" and "Sexiest" collection swimsuits. Choose from a selection of 8 different bottom styles, 8 different colors, and optional top lining to achieve just the right look you're aiming for. Try a flattering Halfback, a teeny String back, or a hot Quarterback to fashionably express yourself in style.

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