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Here you will find Custom Couture pieces by swimwear designer Colleen Kelly that have been made available for purchase. Each one of these “works of art” is made from vintage elements that have been carefully selected, assembled, and combined from collector sources around the world. They are one of a kind and, because of the time involved to create them and the rarity of the materials, once sold, they're gone. We do add new ones as they become available, so check back with us. If you’ve got an idea that you don’t see here or would like info on designing your own custom logo suits for your business, send us an e-mail to discuss the design options or just e-mail a request to be added to our special couture list to receive updates as new couture suits become available.

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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Share a Coke Tank Quick View

Share a Coke Tank

Swimwear Style #272


Pop your top and share a Coke! Perfect for those summer BBQs, this classic of American "pop" culture has always been right at home on a hot summer's day no matter where you find yourself in this great wide world! Cut from a vintage "Share a Coke" campaign tee, this sexy tankini design features high cut sides, a rough-cut neckline and criss-cross ties around back. The bottoms are cut in our signature cheeky quarterback, with a well-worn leather belt that joins in front with a vintage "pop top" buckle. (BTW: Yes, these used to be on every can of pop until someone got sick of stepping on them at the beach!) Bottoms's the Real Thing Baby!

*How about a Pepsi for your bestie!?!
*Please select your size below and we will make it for you, subject to availability of materials.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Vintage JAWS Tank Quick View

Vintage JAWS Tank

Swimwear Style #271


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...rising up from the depths of creativity to envelop your deadly curves, we bring you the Vintage JAWS Tank!
Cut from an authentic Universal Studios JAWS tee, "you're going to need a bigger boat" for all the shark hunters looking to trap you in their nets! This fearsome design blends a plunging "shark bite" neckline with sexy high-arched dorsal side cuts and a splashy quarterback back-style. The graphics up front feature the original movie poster from the 1975 hit JAWS and blend perfectly with the haunting "duh, duh...duh, duh" bubbles that originally graced the back of the collectible tee and now wrap around your hips and tail. Pried right out of the transom of the "Orca" and to add that final touch of shark-chic, a gigantic shark tooth buckle pulls it all together in front. Get your hooks into this one before summer's over and it dives back into the abyss!

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Corona Miles Away From Ordinary Quick View

Corona Miles Away From Ordinary

Swimwear Style #270


Miles away from ordinary...what a perfect way to describe this sexy couture design! Cut from a vintage Corona Cerveza tee and tied together with braided "boat rope" that criss-crosses in back and ties, Mexican-style, up front, this one's decidedly "Mas Fina!" The panel front is styled with ultra-sexy peek-a-boo sides and the age-worn graphics up front will put you in the mood for a tropical sunset with palms waving gently in the breeze.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Bit-O-Honey Onesie Quick View

Bit-O-Honey Onesie

Swimwear Style #266


Lip smackin' good! This lil' honey is sure to cause a buzz when you land on the scene...heck, this is going to cause a swarm! Crafted from a super-rare vintage Bit-O-Honey tee that started out on the adorable side of "gotta-have-it," our queen-bee Colleen set her revered shears to work on this incredible blend of sweet and ultra-sexy in this bee-utiful scooped monokini onesie. The custom beaded top, with one-of-a-kind "Bee-let" bees, is adjustable around back for a strategic fit but leaves you daringly bare and covered just where you need it. Around back, a super-sexy string back will show off that cheeky stinger of yours! You def don't want to miss out on this one!
The suit in the gallery is the one-and-only and fits size SMALL to MEDIUM.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: The Barbie Love Onesie Quick View

The Barbie Love Onesie

Swimwear Style #260


We still love you Barbie!!! That classic vintage tee-shirt your mother couldn't peel off you when you were a kid has been reborn into this sexy one-piece design with an overall top and adorable tulle skirtlette that will keep you twirling! We had a little help fine-tuning the design from a few small friends of ours who just couldn't resist helping out with the photos and, thanks to the "girls" you can see that classic quarterback back-style and the partial "Barbie" logo from the original shirt. A collectible vintage Barbie belt and heart-shaped buckle adorns the front with that smile we all love so much. To perfectly accessorize the design, we're sending along a matching vintage Barbie bracelet that we sourced from a collector. (Of course, any Barbie-loving girl knows how important those accessories can be!) And that hand-made tulle skirt around the hips of this design is simply a work of perfection that you'll just love wearing!

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Hugged Your Hog Today? Quick View

Hugged Your Hog Today?

Swimwear Style #255


Have YOU hugged your hog today?
Well, you better, 'cause there's nothing more loyal than that trusty hawg!
Now we have to tell you that we dug deep this time for this classic and highly sought after 1982 vintage tee. And, of course, Colleen couldn't wait to sharpen her shears and carve this beast into one of her coolest couture creations ever. Overalls shoulder straps with a straight cut top, beautifully arcing side-cuts, an incredibly sexy quarter-back, a vintage road-worn leather belt, and a rare vintage "Ride a Hog" winged Harley buckle all give this tire-smokin' design plenty of attitude. To style this suit out to perfection and add that finishing touch, a vintage leather Harley-Davidson Zippo lighter case was pried out of the hands of one of our collectors to add that finishing touch of biker-babe cool. It fits your iPod, by the way...but a Zippo might be nice to light that bonfire on the salt flats!

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Speed Racer Quick View

Speed Racer

Swimwear Style #248


Get those engines revving and speed into danger in this ultra cool blast from the past... the Speed Racer!
Cut from an original vintage "Speed Racer" T-shirt and masterfully designed in the shape of the Mach 5's logo, this beautifully designed one piece will have everyone's eyes speeding around all your dangerous curves. The bottoms are a racy quarterback that shows off your cheeky side with an adorable vintage Speed Racer pin right where your competition will see it as you leave them in the dust! The stylish belted sides have been upholstered in white pleather and meet in front in a rare vintage Mach 5 racing car buckle that we sourced from our collectors. And, to style this out in perfection, Colleen added a super cute red neck tie, just like our cartoon hero wore.
This suit is sized SMALL to MEDIUM

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Vintage Batman Monokini Quick View

Vintage Batman Monokini

Swimwear Style #236


For all of you comic fans out there, Colleen's designed this beautiful one piece to unmask your super-hero sexy side. Made entirely from a vintage collector tee from the 70s that features the original "old school" Batman graphics from the TV series, this unique suit is scoop-cut for a unique bat-wing look. Around the shoulder and across the back is a bat-wing "capelette" that attaches at either side of the front. An ultra rare "Pow!" graphic buckle connects the belted halfback bottoms as a tip of the hat to the original comic book theme.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Playboy Bunny Ruffle Tankini Quick View

Playboy Bunny Ruffle Tankini

Swimwear Style #221


Originally designed for a Playboy celebrity editorial, this sexy tankini is made from an original Playboy promotional tee and cut dramatically to exude that perfect balance of cover and skin. The design features a wide, plunging neck-line that pairs with smoothly arcing side-cuts for an ultra sexy one-piece look. Adorable pink hip ruffles accent the sides to give you a flirtatiously "girly" feel. The back is our popular, form-flattering, Halfback. It probably goes without saying, but this suit is semi sheer when wet. After all, that's not the Easter bunny up front!

Each one of these Custom Couture swimsuits is a “work of art” made from vintage elements that have been carefully sourced, assembled, and combined from around the world. This makes them difficult or impossible to reproduce, so once sold, they're gone. We add new ones as they become available, so check back with us. For an update on newly available couture suits, send us an e-mail requesting to be added to the special couture list.

Results 1 to 9 of 73