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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Suede Beads Monokini Quick View

Suede Beads Monokini

Swimwear Style #2529


Is it possible to be too sexy? Never! That's why we decided to add this bonus suit to the line up. Be warned, this super hot, super sexy suit is a show stopper! First of all there is a barely-there knotted torso design which connects to the top made of stretchy strands of beads which produce an accidentally-on-purpose peek-a-boo effect. This suit is for show! It's probably not the best choice for your upcoming swimming competition, or day at the water park, if you know what we mean. This top is boldly revealing! Decorative beads adorn the front and, adorably, at the top of the string back. *For a more modest look, check out our "breast petals" in Accessories.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Net Suspension Sling Quick View

Net Suspension Sling

Swimwear Style #2524


Pushing the limits of sexiness to the brink, this innovative open concept speaks for itself with its advanced modern geometric design. We raised the center of gravity where the very narrow bottom bolts up in extreme fashion, leaving the sides unobstructed, intersecting the narrow strips of fabric on top and, with ever so slight tension, producing a hint of anticipatory suspense. The masterful pulley tying system keeps everything streamlined and, believe it or not, comfortably in position. Explore the realm of possibilities with this highly styled nod to modern expression...aka the "Cold Shower" one piece.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Fringelette Macramé Sling Quick View

Fringelette Macramé Sling

Swimwear Style #2520


Get lost in this extraordinarily mesmerizing masterpiece of artistic knotting. With uniquely intricate detailing, wearing it almost feels like wrapping oneself in a soft necklace, with sequins adding a little glint of sparkle to the suede fringe top. It's easy on, with only one tie behind the neck, and with all these twists and turns it's amazing to wear. Explore this fascinating designer piece from every angle.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Biker Chain Buckle Sling Quick View

Biker Chain Buckle Sling

Swimwear Style #2507


They say about motorcycles..."Some are functional and some are for looks." Well, we modified our original masterfully-engineered classic buckle sling to add a touch of upscale biker chic, the new features of which include dual suspender sides that accelerate quickly toward the neck from a steep front angle, stabilized by neck straps that cross in back and then tie in front. Of course, it also features our exclusive belted bottom design. This fabulous new version is fabricated in a blend of plush stretch buckskin, coupled with actual bike chain, and finished off with your choice of freedom-vibe buckles: Upwing Eagle (silver or brass) or silver tone Chopper with a spinning front wheel. *(Chain at the shoulders will match your buckle.) While not ideal for long touring rides, this gorgeous statement piece is sure to cause static everywhere you go!
*And don't forget to bring home the look with a set of our Biker Jewelry.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Googie Slingshot Suspenders Quick View

Googie Slingshot Suspenders

Swimwear Style #2429


Need we say more? You'll be heating it up wherever you go in this swanky "googie" masterpiece! To go back to the Criss-Cross version, click HERE!

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Googie Slingshot Criss-Cross Quick View

Googie Slingshot Criss-Cross

Swimwear Style #2427


You're the coolest in the cosmos! These ultra hot slings (2 STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM!) are a revival of our skimpy slings from the 90's and now freshly updated in the "Googie" style, inspired by mid-century architecture (pronounced Goo-gee), which was modern in form at the time, influenced by car culture, jets, the Space Age and Atomic Age. Both suits are simple "slip on" style, not ties, and have super stretchy elastic. The top is somewhat see through, and unavailable for lining.
*Check out the alternate Suspender Style here!

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Letterman's Sport Sling Quick View

Letterman's Sport Sling

Swimwear Style #2421


Sugar and spice and everything nice...that's what cheeky babes are made of! Graduating to "slingshot status" this one combines sporty with the ultimate in sexy, "the slingshot" and is made of all sport fabric, has little patches where it counts with custom letter (YOU CHOOSE YOUR LETTER) and super bold braid right up the back with pom-pom fringe ties on one shoulder (and it's adjustable in back). *WANT YOUR OWN 3 COLORS?! Custom colors add 15%, type your color requests into the "comments section" during check out.* ENTER THE LETTER YOU WANT IN THE "COMMENTS SECTION" during checkout.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Macramé One-Piece Quick View

Macramé One-Piece

Swimwear Style #2324


Macramé only like we do...super sexy, high cut and dramatic...Colleen Kelly style! This one piece has a body-flattering streamline effect enhanced with a bold macramé front and completely nude hips! The top ties behind the neck and back for an adjustable fit.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Starfish Sling Quick View

Starfish Sling

Swimwear Style #2123


Wow!  Super sexy, super micro, and super fun!  This unique micro slingshot is a must have for your microkini collection.  Colleen Kelly's original starfish top, once available only as a custom design, is back and has been redesigned as this playful, ocean-inspired, slingshot microkini.  Fashioned in bold glittery sand holographic fabrics and adorned with rhinestone rings and faceted glass beads, this suit sparkles to perfection with all the shimmer of the seas.  The sparkling spaghetti strap ties meet in the back, allowing for adjustment.

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