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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Metallic Jungle Panelkini Quick View

Metallic Jungle Panelkini

Swimwear Style #1731


A chic, modern take on animal print, this sexy open panelkini design blends bold metallic animal prints with a hint of classic industrial styling in this beautiful swimsuit.  The top is a slightly revealing open cut panelkini top with studded tab accents and ring connections.  The bottoms are a low cut one piece design with a form fitting halfback.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Metallic Pulley Monokini Quick View

Metallic Pulley Monokini

Swimwear Style #1732


Haute couture with modernist flair, this gorgeous design draws inspiration from the classic industrial age.  Melting down the bikini and the one-piece forged a sexy, strappy, weaved swimsuit that hugs the body in stylish metallic jungle prints for that one-of-a-kind look that Colleen Kelly Designs is known for.  The top's center strap weaves down your torso through faux studded tabs in a "pulley" fashion to where it meets the bottoms in front.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: The Slither Quick View

The Slither

Swimwear Style #1804


A fiercely designed assymetrical one-piece swimsuit, this style is a must have for expressing your edgy rock 'n roll side with fashionably unique flair.  The suit starts with an over-the-shoulder strap that meets a bandeau style top and "slithers" back and forth down the torso to an assymetric bottoms in sexy metallic-foil snakeskin prints.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Crown Scoop Monokini Quick View

Crown Scoop Monokini

Swimwear Style #1816


Elegant, sexy, and dramatic, this unique one-piece monokini features an undercut halter-style top with metallic spaghetti straps drawn down the center to a diamond-shaped bottoms.  The arcing cuts of the top give a slightly revealing peek-a-boo effect to the suit, while the top's neck ring and necklace strapping emphasize a streamlined body centerline.  Accented with tiny metallic beads and styled in beautiful metallic animal print, there's plenty of sparkle to make this suit really shine. 

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Gunmetal Chain Bikini Quick View

Gunmetal Chain Bikini

Swimwear Style #1819


p>Sleek, modern, classic! This sexy bikini is a perfect example of monochromatic perfection, blending the textures of polished metal with the natural patterns of the fine snakeskin foil fabric. The streamlined bikini top meets a unique rectangular chain, which is repeated along the sides of the low-cut bottoms, adding a sleek polished look to the design. The top ties behind neck and back for an adjustable fit. *THE METAL EMBELLISHMENTS ARE WATERPROOF, HOWEVER PROLONGED USE WITH WATER, MAY CONTRIBUTE TO SLIGHT TARNISHING OVER TIME, DUE CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Silver Coin-Kini 3-Piece Quick View

Silver Coin-Kini 3-Piece

Swimwear Style #2220


Rebelliously sexy! Bohemian-inspired and crafted from intricate antiqued-silver coins and chains, this bikini is perfect for unleashing that inner rock 'n roll gypsy or waxing romantic on exotic shores. Made from individual metal pieces, all linked together with facet-cut chain, the top is a wearable all-metal design that clasps together behind the neck and in back for an adjustable fit. As a 3-piece design, a plain white microkini top is included to wear underneath the coin-and-chain top (See Photos). The bottoms are a "cheeky" Quarterback cut with dual silver spaghetti strap hips and matching coin-and-chain accenting. *The matching coin jewelry and toe sandals shown in the image gallery is available in our Accessories Collection.

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