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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Metal Mermaid Sling Quick View

Metal Mermaid Sling

Swimwear Style #2624


Obsessed! Mystical mermaid allure, spellbinding and mesmerizing, this elusive enchanting design conjures the mysterious seaward siren song, inviting the call of the ocean waves that has the imaginative sailors drowning in enchantment. This exquisite stunner with evocative streamlined open strap design and dazzling mermaid scales on top, has dramatic temptress vibes and a tantalizing style with far away flare, perfect for the other worldly goddess. Available in an array of beaming oceanic shades, be an ethereal vision and glide like a sea maiden dream of the oceanic realm in this enchanting piece.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Paua Shell 2-Piece Quick View

Paua Shell 2-Piece

Swimwear Style #2623


Bond...James Bond! This femme fatale 2 piece already had that Bond-esque appeal, even before this "View to a Kill" shot in front of Ian Fleming's house (author of James Bond). The creative ladder like design of iridescent shells, hand strung with clear elastic giving it a hint of peek-a-boo, adds a touch of intrigue, and the shimmery moving colors of these brilliant oceanic shells have the "Paua" to mesmerize. Intricately designed, yet easy to wear, it's paired with simple standard bottoms, fashioned in liquid like matching iridescent fabric, making this no fuss ensemble ready for exploration through all those "Live and let die" Bond girl adventures.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Metal Mermaid Monokini Quick View

Metal Mermaid Monokini

Swimwear Style #2619


Immerse yourself in seaside utopia where mystical mermaid merges with a bit of bad girl spice. This minimally designed one piece featuring shiny metal mermaid scales on top, connected to beautiful iridescent colored straps, with lots of open space, coalesces into a harmony of hues that dance with the ocean. Paint the beach hologram in a symphony of your choice of four illuminating tones and be a radiant vision of oceanic dreaming.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Metal Mermaid Dream Catcher Quick View

Metal Mermaid Dream Catcher

Swimwear Style #2611


Adding a touch of whimsical romance, this show stopping suit is full of dreamy fun filled feminine style with air of cool girl spice. With precisely placed glinting mermaid scales, floating precariously above our signature knotted dreamcatcher front, it has that other worldly style. The bottoms have our unique cut out front with minimal coverage and flirty fringe tie sides, along with our signature open knotted thong back which adds a cheeky flare. Shown here in a pretty iridescent orchid pink palette, this ultra-feminine 2-piece also comes in 3 other electric hues that pop. With that "come out to be seen" vibe, this one definitely deserves and audience.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Metal Mermaid 2-Piece Quick View

Metal Mermaid 2-Piece

Swimwear Style #2601


Paradise found! Our mind blowing 2-piece where color, fabrication, and design come together in a mesmerizing vision of radiance! Intricately crafted with shiny metal mermaid scales suspended amongst a dazzling array of vivid iridescent colors with precise interwoven knotting this becomes a brilliant design that will be admired from every angle. Part mermaid, part enchantress this will leave everyone in sight in bewildering awe. For added gleam, it also features matching metallic chain at the hips of our standard quarterback bottoms. Surprisingly easy to wear, choose your own adventure from forest pools lagoons and waterfalls to parties and music festivals in this captivating suit to be remembered, it's definitely one for the collectors.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Fringelette Teardrop 2-Piece Quick View

Fringelette Teardrop 2-Piece

Swimwear Style #2525


Those bottoms tho! Explore the wild side with this minimal coverage, fringe teardrop-style, 2-piece, where perfectly untamed dangling straps and knots tie the smallest of patch-bottom fronts to an open knotted thong back. Up top, sequins add a spark to the faux-suede fringe, which happens to be all the top is comprised of! The top ties behind the neck and in back and, along with the hip straps that tie on the side, all are adjustable to fit you like you like. This daring and feisty little "kini" is spiked with the right amount of fierce!

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Fringelette Criss Cross-Kini Quick View

Fringelette Criss Cross-Kini

Swimwear Style #2523


Fringe fanatics, here is the middle ground between fun sporty and elegant. We packed a lot of fringe into this strappy concept with minimal coverage. The eye catching crisscross design on top has a hint of "underboob," and the bottoms are designed with just one strip of fringe going from front to the unique open knotted thong back, all of which makes this super cute suit memorable. Notice how the sequins add a bit of gleaming sparkle to the suede fringe? The top ties behind the back and allows for a perfectly adjustable fit. Exceptionally cute, this bikini is meant to be seen and remembered!

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Fringelette Macramé Sling Quick View

Fringelette Macramé Sling

Swimwear Style #2520


Get lost in this extraordinarily mesmerizing masterpiece of artistic knotting. With uniquely intricate detailing, wearing it almost feels like wrapping oneself in a soft necklace, with sequins adding a little glint of sparkle to the suede fringe top. It's easy on, with only one tie behind the neck, and with all these twists and turns it's amazing to wear. Explore this fascinating designer piece from every angle.

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Fringelette Macramé-Kini Quick View

Fringelette Macramé-Kini

Swimwear Style #2510


Oozing charm, this feminine, flirty "open knotted" design comes in fun "festival" colors and is sure to brighten any day, trip, vacation, name it! You'll love just wearing the top with your favorite shorts. And, since fringe is having a moment, we trimmed the back in it just for fun. Sequins add a flash of sparkle and shine to the suede fringe. The top straps tie behind the neck and back for an adjustable fit and the hip straps tie as well to make this suit fit just right. The possibilities are infinite with this little beauty that is "accidentally" amazing!

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