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Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: The Knucklehead Quick View

The Knucklehead

Swimwear Style #250


Attention all you Knuckleheads (and those who love you)!!! Our master mechanic at the Colleen Kelly Designs garage brings you a sexy, custom Knucklehaed that's been "chopped" and styled to flaunt your frame. Cut from a collectible vintage Knucklehead T-shirt, with hot little rough-cut sleeves and joined with shiny biker chain accenting, this beautiful piece is a stunning head turner. The streamlining of the design flatters your body in the switchbacks and hugs your curves with a cheeky scooped quarterback back style. The slingshot bottoms are adorned with a classic red oil rag tie and belted in front with a matching vintage Knucklehead buckle. You're sure to be "patched in" by the roughest of road warriors and have them purring like kittens in this hot little on-piece! Vroom, vroom!

SOLD Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Spiderman Quick View


Swimwear Style #249


"THWIP!...POW!" Swing into action in this hot little one-piece design by Colleen Kelly Designs! Spun up from an original 1970s Spiderman T-shirt sourced from one of our collectors, this sexy suit is sure to catch those villians out there that have been looking to get you! This fun tribute to the original Spiderman was masterfully cut and designed to wrap you in webbing while accentuating your slender thorax. Around back, you'll find a cheeky quarter-back attached to a superhero belt that wraps around the hips and connects in front with a rare, vintage Spidey buckle.

SOLD Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Speed Racer Quick View

Speed Racer

Swimwear Style #248


Get those engines revving and speed into danger in this ultra cool blast from the past... the Speed Racer!
Cut from an original vintage "Speed Racer" T-shirt and masterfully designed in the shape of the Mach 5's logo, this beautifully designed one piece will have everyone's eyes speeding around all your dangerous curves. The bottoms are a racy quarterback that shows off your cheeky side with an adorable vintage Speed Racer pin right where your competition will see it as you leave them in the dust! The stylish belted sides have been upholstered in white pleather and meet in front in a rare vintage Mach 5 racing car buckle that we sourced from our collectors. And, to style this out in perfection, Colleen added a super cute red neck tie, just like our cartoon hero wore.
This suit is sized SMALL to MEDIUM

SOLD Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Hot Tamales Fireball Quick View

Hot Tamales Fireball

Swimwear Style #247


Mucho caliente! Designed for only the spiciest of tamales, this undercut bandeau micro sling is simply Hot, Hot, HOT! Colleen took an original vintage Hot Tamale tee and sculpted a custom undercut bandeau that was designed to show off a little flirty "underboob" while keeping the classic feel of the vintage t-shirt. Adorable strings of "Hot Tamale" beads flow down the lines of the suit to a low-cut bottoms that leave your hips bare, flattering your natural form. Around back a super sexy tamale string back shows off your cheeky side.
This suit is sized SMALL to MEDIUM

Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: The Fonz - Sit On It Quick View

The Fonz - Sit On It

Swimwear Style #246


Ayyy! Rockin' and Rollin' all night long, Colleen brings you this fantastic tribute to the cheekiness of the 1970s and, of course, the original king of cool...The Fonz! Crafted from an original vintage tee, this scooped demi-tee design is sure to have the diner hoppin' when you walk through the door! Gleaming brassy motorcycle chain flows down the sides of the design to meet an ultra rare, vintage bronze, "Sit On It" buckle that we sourced from one of our entertainment collectors. The design quickly goes from classically cool to really hot as the faux leather belt wraps around to meet a very sexy quarter back on the flip side. And to keep you "greasers" out there lookin' good, you'll find an adorable little pocket with a classic barber's comb tucked right where you need it! Up top, keeping on point with the 70s vibe, a vintage "Sit on It" button lets everyone know you're no Potsie and that they're lookin' at one cool kitten!

SOLD Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Metallica Ninja Star Quick View

Metallica Ninja Star

Swimwear Style #245


Inspired by one of the biggest selling acts in American History, the "heavy metal" band Metallica! This fabulous piece, made from an original vintage tour tee, was carefully designed around the Metallica vector, silver-glitter, logo in the same bladed and spiked manner. It is adorned with a glitter trimmed buckle in which they used the letter M, from the original logo, to make their shuriken-like symbol, on the front, known as the "ninja star" and is topped off with "Don't tread on me" snake guitar pick on the black diamond-cut chain collar! AND, by the way, did you see the back!?! This unique backstyle is a "cheeky" bat-wing masterpiece sure to make the coolest of headbangers hot under the stage lights!
This suit is sized SMALL to MEDIUM

SOLD Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Sports Illustrated Bikini Quick View

Sports Illustrated Bikini

Swimwear Style #244


Now's your chance to fulfill that life-long dream of getting into Sports Illustrated! (Well...a custom vintage Sports Illustrated bikini that is.)
Sourced from one of our collector connections, this soft vintage tee was hand-cut by the undisputed champion of sexy swimwear herself, Colleen Kelly, in a tribute to one of our favorite mags and the Great American Past-Time. This sporty custom features a laced-up and generously cut-out top with a rough-edge cut at both the neckline and sleeves, giving this design a classic hometown American look. The bottoms are a work of art on their own, with uniform lacing up the front and at the hips. Around back, you're sure to make the crowd go wild in a matching duo-toned version of Colleen's cheeky quarterback back-style. As a little extra touch, an original "1986 All Star" pin adds a little bling to either the front of the top or around back (Shown in both spots in the pics).
This suit is sized SMALL to MEDIUM.

SOLD Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: The Lizard King Quick View

The Lizard King

Swimwear Style #243


Perfect for festival season! Open up your doors of perception and slip into this beautiful tribute to the Lizard King himself, Jim Morrison! Cut from an original vintage tee and styled with beautiful oversized conchos (replicating the heavy-duty concho belt Jim was known to wear) and a replica of Jim's Native American beaded necklace, this unique design features streamlined arcing cuts along the sides and scooped cut-outs on each hip. The sexy hot-shorts back will have your fans following your every move. And for that perfect Coachella look, this suit looks fantastic with that old pair of shredded jeans shorts or just about anything with feathers or leather that you might be accessorizing with this year.
This suit is sized MEDIUM and it's the only one we've got!

SOLD Colleen Kelly Designs Swimwear Image: Soviet Steel Horse Quick View

Soviet Steel Horse

Swimwear Style #242


This Cold War ending custom is sure to bring a smile to the face of the toughest KGB operative and is absolutely sure to turns some heads as you scream down the interstate on your "Steel Horse!" Made from an extremely rare vintage T-shirt from a Siberian motorcycle dealer, this sexy one-piece design is a tribute to a rebellious biker culture that unites us and the freedom of expression that has always ignited our passions. Beautiful white husky faux-fur was used on the shoulder straps with genuine antique USSR motorcycle club pins adorning the left side. Colleen masterfully used cut-outs on the hammer and sickle logo, crafting a seriously sexy peek-a-boo cut that only gets better when you turn around! The back is a cheeky scooped quarter back that connects in front with a vintage brass chopper buckle.

Results 136 to 144 of 154